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About the District Attorney’s Office

The Benton County Circuit Court is the 21st Judicial District within the Oregon Judicial Branch of government and is located on 4th Street in Corvallis, Oregon. Built from 1888-1889, it is the oldest courthouse in Oregon still serving its original purpose.

Who We Are

Benton County has an elected district attorney who is charged with seeking the truth and pursing justice under the law on criminal matters that occur in their jurisdiction. Prosecutors, by law, wear many hats. They are administrators of justice, seekers of truth, advocates for the people, officers of the court and protectors of the rights of all people under Oregon law, the Oregon Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. The primary goal of a prosecutor is to seek the truth and pursue justice for victims, the state of Oregon, suspects and for defendants. Prosecutors work with law enforcement agencies to investigate and hold people accountable for violating Oregon law.

It is our vision is to make Benton County a safe and just place to live and work. Our mission is to be fair, effective and efficient as we enforce the law. We are committed to protecting the public from crime, safeguarding children from abuse and neglect, enforcing the right of children and families to receive child support, assisting and advising crime victims, and fostering respect for the rule of law.

What We Do

Benton County’s District Attorney’s Office is made up of a district attorney, deputy district attorneys, administrative, and paralegal staff. Administrative staff work with defense attorneys, witnesses, victims, social service organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Paralegals perform discovery (all materials that are required to be shared with defense attorneys) and support deputy district attorneys who handle adult and juvenile cases that involve rape, sexual abuse, murder, and attempted murder.

The district attorney is responsible for:

  • Providing oversight, administration, and management of the office, including hiring staff and managing a complex budget.
  • Criminal prosecution of all adult state criminal offenses in Benton County.
  • Providing legal direction and training to all law enforcement within Benton County, ensuring crime victim’s constitutional rights are observed.
  • Investigating missing persons, maintaining multidisciplinary teams for child abuse, child fatality review, and sexual assault response.
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for use of resources to serve local offenders.
  • Public records requests.
  • Mastering federal, state, and local codes, regulations, the U.S. Constitution, statutes, rules, rules of evidence, and supreme court and court of appeals opinions and rules of professional responsibility.
  • Mental health holds and unattended death investigations.
  • Assessing and releasing deceased persons to the state or a funeral home.

Our District Attorney

John Haroldson

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